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Below you can find some useful files I created for a couple of CoSims by Avalon Hill and Victory Games:

Air Force, Mustangs, Ambush!

1.) Air Force (incl. Expansion Set 'Dauntless'):
This is a replication of the Log Sheet needed in Air Force (and Dauntless). There are already plenty of them in the box, but maybe you've used all of them and forget to photocopy them) or simply lost them. Anyway, if you think, you might need it, feel free to download it. I offer two format version (for US and Europe):

Air Force Log Sheet - US-letter (8,5 x 11 inch)
Air Force Log Sheet - DIN A4 (210x297 mm)

Furthermore I created two mapsheets for Air Force as the originals one are kind of ugly (uni-colored). I scanned two satellite-pics and added hex-fields. Finaly I separated them to fit on a DIN A3 page each. Below you can download the images as JPEG (the original bitmaps are by far too huge for downloading, but the quality of the JPEGs is still okay).
The left one is a three-part map showing a river and a city from quiet a distance. The right one is a two-part satellite picture of todays Hamburg, Germany. The Hamburg map features a much higher resolution (300dpi) than the river map (96dpi).
Click on the thumbs to view the fullsize picture (Right-click -> Save As.. to download directly).

216 KB 2057 KB
215 KB 2355 KB
202 KB    

2.) Mustangs (incl. Expansion)
This is a list of all airplanes appearing in Mustangs and its Expansion Kit. It includes all data important for gameplay, sorted by country and names. You can also see, which two airplanes share one counter.
In summary, this list should help you selecting the airplanes for a dogfight session

Mustangs airplane list - US-letter (8,5 x 11 inch)
Mustangs airplane list - DIN A4 (210x297 mm)

3.) Ambush! (by Victory Games)
Again I recreated the Squad Recordsheet as a PDF-document. Download the correct paper-size file below.
I also managed to fit all charts on a single page so you don't have to turn over the original chart-sheet all the time. Also included are the diagrams for grenade scatter etc.

Ambush! Squad recordsheet - US-letter (8,5 x 11 inch)
Ambush! Squad recordsheet - DIN A4 (210x297 mm)

Ambush! Charts and diagrams - US-letter (8,5 x 11 inch)
Ambush! Charts and diagrams - DIN A4 (210x297 mm)

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